Hi i'm Mark Wong, currently working and living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My early days..

I have always been interested in computers from an early age, my first computer was an Amiga 500 I used to spend ages on it, especially creating cartoons and animations in Deluxe Paint.

We managed to get hold of a 486 PC which my dad got from the office this was where I got my first programming experience using QBASIC. I had many late nights creating and trying to program games and other cool stuff.

Once we got the internet at home on a 56k modem (painful times!) I began to learn about web design, reading up tutorials and spending time playing with source code to understand how things worked.

Web design..

I love every aspect of web design. I always begin the design process with a pen and paper. I prefer a minimalist approach I try to focus on usability, while maintaining good looking design with clean code.


HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, SQL and Adobe Photoshop.


Being a geek I like a bit of online gaming when I get a spare mo!